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Why you should be using Foam Abrasives...

Posted by Lynne 19/06/2019 0 Comment(s) Abrasives Products,


Here’s why. When sanding, often the object is to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. With standard paper backed or conventional abrasives this can often be difficult to achieve. In contrast the properties of foam abrasives allow you to sand to perfection.


What sets foam apart?

Maximum conformability. Foam abrasives are perfect for those difficult to reach areas and profiled surfaces. Foam can be bent and folded without cracking allowing consistent sanding. For example, a chair leg is a typical application for foam abrasive.


Pressure distribution. The foam when used evenly distributes pressure applied. This means that the sanding is consistent and doesn’t remove more material in one area than another. Conventional sandpaper in contrast tends to be aggressive and inconsistent. Foam prevents this sanding through a surface and therefore the optimum outcome is achieved. 


Less clogging. Foam being soft and flexible prevents the abrasive coating to build up sanding dust. As the foam abrasive is used the constant flexing shifts any dust build up. This means you get longer lifetime and idea for repeat use. 


Foam abrasives can be used for wet and dry sanding and are ideal for timber, metal composites and plastics. They have a broad grit range and are perfect for all parts of the finishing process. 


Here are some great examples of foam abrasives, you can shop right here online:


Single sided pads

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Double Sided Hand Pads

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Foam Discs

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