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Which would you choose? Neoprene based product or Canister Spray contact Adhesives?

Posted by Lynne 27/03/2019 0 Comment(s)


We often get asked what's the different between pre-pressured systems Vs Neoprene based contact Adhesives. So that's why we wanted to share the advantages of each product with you, to help you decide.


Timbond Neoprene is a liquid sprayable contact adhesive.

The Advantages of Neoprene based Spray Contact Adheisve:                                                                  

Neoprene Spray Contact Adhesives...

  • doesn't age like the canister type Adhesive
  • have higher heat resistance than the canister format
  • have a higher bond strength than the canisters
  • are post formable or suitable for bending HPL

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Colours avaliable: Natural, Red

Sizes avaliable: 5ltrs, 25ltrs


Timbond Professional Spray Contact Adhesive

Timbond Professional Spray Adhesive is a pre-pressuriesed canister contact Adhesive system.

The Advantages of using a Canister Spray contact Adhesive:

  • longer shelf life
  • less mess
  • quicker flash off times
  • lower odour
  • lower flammability risk
  • faster application
  • portability

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Size avaliable:17kg


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