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How to solve issues with adhesive bleed through

Posted by Lynne 14/01/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,

Want to Find out more about the Issues of Adhesive Bleed through?


The problem.

 Commonly seen when bonding open grain wood veneers. Bleed through happens when timber veneer is pressed using both urea resin systems and some PVA’s and the adhesive comes through the grain of the veneer. 


Why this can happen and the problem it causes.
The adhesive which bleeds through shows itself as grey or silver flecks which are magnified when the veneer is polished or lacquered. Timber veneers that are a common problem includes many timbers including Oaks, burr veneers, dark veneers such as Wenge along with walnuts including American Black Walnut. 


How you can solve the problem?
Often this problem can be alleviated or prevented using filled hardeners or extenders to thicken the veneer and an extremely successful product is the Prefere 4152 resin mixed with Prefere hardener 5664 when hot pressing, or alternatively Prefere 5912 and you can of course add in either brown or white pigments which help disguise the adhesive. It’s always recommended to roll out the adhesive to give an even but sufficient coat to the board.





At Adkwik we offer many solutions to help you fix it!

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What our customers say:
 “Since we moved from the Borden F120 system to the Prefere 4152 resin we haven’t looked back.  We’ve reduced our press cycle times and eliminated the issues of adhesive bleed-through.

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