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How to bond curved panels with 4152 resin Adhesive

Posted by Lynne 07/10/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,


Finding bonding curved panels a challenge?

Getting the perfect curved panel or shape is always a challenging task and along with that finding an adhesive that works when using formers or bag presses with bendy ply and veneers.

Here's how we can help...

We know that satisfactory bonds, perfect radiuses and spring-back are just some of the difficulties that face the industry. Prefere 4152 resin system answers these needs and with a range of hardeners to suit your press times, we can take the pain and frustation out of this operation. 




When it comes to fast bonds and complex shapes, we have also got you covered...

For fast bonds and where the shape is easy to form the Prefere 5689 is an ideal choice and for the opposite where complexity of shape requires more layup time. Prefere 5602 gives that flexibility.


             SHOP 5689 HARDENER                                   SHOP 5602 HARDENER 


Some examples of what could be bonded with 4152 include:

  • Bullnose stair treads
  • Curved stair strings
  • Curved kitchen door fronts


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