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How to bond Acrylic Mirror Successfully

Posted by Lynne 25/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,

Coming in sheet form Acrylic Mirror being safe and lighter than glass, is easy to cut and is a great product to use in displays, furniture etc. Adkwik provide a range of adhesive products, perfect for Acrylic Mirror bonding. We can fix these frustrating problems.

Common Problems with bonding acrylic mirrors:
- Some adhesives may contain solvents that can attack the mirror backing
- Chemical or solvent attack from the solvents can cause crazing
- Although much stronger and lighter than glass, acrylic mirror is subject to movement
If you are bonding large areas of Acrylic Mirror
We recommend you try TensorGrip L20 Spray Contact Adhesive, for larger mirrors.
One of L20’s unique properties is the ability to bond Acrylic Mirror successfully without attacking or reacting with the material.
TensorGrip L20 is also suitable for bonding laminates, hard plastics, GRP, foams and fabrics to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials.
Benefits of L20:
Good heat resistance
fast drying
non-chlorinated adhesive
very high solids
Able to cover large areas quickly
Watch the Tensorgrip L20 video, to see how it works.
Require Easy to Use products when bonding acrylic mirrors?
Double sided tapes…
Either the 6370 for instant bonding or for heavier, 3mm thick polycarbonate the 6004 double sided foam tape.
Why use double sided tape?
  • High Strength
  • Mess free
  • Straight forward to apply
  • No wait for product to dry
  • Provide a long-term bond
Shop 6370                                                 shop 6004
Or Mirrormate...
  • High performance mirror bonding adhesive
  • MS technology to give very highest bond strengths, 
  • Specifically designed to bond most mirrors and will not attack the mirror backing
  • Good adhesion to most surfaces
  • Fast curing- tack free in 10 minutes and fully cured in 24-48 hours.
Need more advice on bonding Mirrors?
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