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Getting the right Adhesive for Caravans and Motorhome Repairs

Posted by Lynne 23/07/2020 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,

8 Top Adhesives for Caravans and Motor Repairs.


Here’s a quick and simple adhesive guide for most basic caravans and motor repairs, including the best adhesive for delamination. Keeping your camper on the road and in good trim for the season is always important and problems fixed immediately can often alleviate expensive repairs further down the road.


1. Timbond X600

A 2-part high performance adhesive. Use for panels that have become delaminated. Mix the 2 components together and apply using a fine notched spreader.



2. The Ultimate Upholstery Adhesive

Low cost spray adhesive aerosol for foams and fabrics. A very sticky adhesive which is very easy to apply. Can be used on most fabrics and carpets (not suitable for PVC head-linings).



3. Tensorgrip L17 Spray Contact Adhesive

High temperature spray that is great for bonding laminates to boards, i.e. table tops and in internal panels. Also class 1 fire rated for extra peace of mind. Avaliable in 22ltr and 500ml. 



4. Timbond Professional spray adhesive 17kg

A good quality spray contact adhesive in pre-pressurised containers. Ideal for bulk applications and can be used on a wide range of materials from laminates to foam and sheet timber materials. 



5. A26 Contact Adhesive


A hand applied contact adhesive for bonding high pressure laminates. Easily applied by brush or notched spreader or alternatively through our Klebo contact adhesive spreaders.



6. Soudaseal MS Clear

A clear rival to some well-known brands, the Soudaseal MS Clear is a great product for bonding and sealing applications and can be used in damp conditions. High bond strengths to most metals and plastics.



7. 6004 White Glass Bonding Tape

High strength double sided foam tape, ideal for glazing applications.6004 has good weathering and chemical resistance and bonds well to most plastics including PVC, ABS, metals, wood and ceramics. Avalible in a range of sizes.



8. 6009 Georgian Bar Glazing Tape

High strength glass bonding tape, for use in most glazing applications including bonding of mirros, glass to metal. 6009 has good weathering characteristics and has maximum resistance to UV and plasticizes and along with that good chemical resistance, so can be used for both internal and external applications. Bonds well to most plastics including PVC, ABS, metals, wood and ceramics. Avaliable in a range of sizes. 



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