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Finding the right Adhesive for Manufacturing Fire Rated Panels and Doors

Posted by Lynne 14/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,

Finding the right Adhesive for Manufacturing Your Fire Rated Panels and Doors

Many projects you work on require fire rated panels and doors. To get this rating it involves stringent tests.

A fire test facility will generally give a fire rating overall finished panel. Due to this adhesive manufacture’s rarely get their adhesives fire rated as standalone products. 

So, if the panel doesn’t require a fire rated adhesive here are some great options to consider when bonding HPL and Veneers:

                                                            Timbond D3 Water Resistant PVA            Dynea 4152      

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Require a Fire Rated Adhesive? Problem solved…

However, on occasion the specification requires the components that make the finished panel to be fire rated. 

In this case it can limit the adhesive choices to use.

Here we offer some fire rated adhesive options, for you to consider:

                                                       L17 – Class 1 Fire Rating                      LP61-Class 0 Fire Rating

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Helpful Hint:

What’s the difference between Non-flammable and Fire rated?

There is also confusion that if a non-flammable adhesive is used it will have better FR properties in contrast this often isn’t the case and some Fire Rated adhesives contain solvent therefore are flammable. 

Check out this blog by Tensorgrip for more info.
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