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Everything you need to know about Adhesive Cleaners!

Posted by Lynne 14/05/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,

What are adhesive cleaners and what are they used for?

Adhesive cleaners do exactly what they say, they clean up Adhesives! Perfect for cleaning application equipment, such as spray tips and hot melt machines. They clean off messy overspray and can also be used on finished substrates such as HPL (High pressure laminates such as Formica- laminate worktops, melamine faced chipboard), without any surface damage. However, we always recommend trying these products on a sample piece first to ensure they are suitable for use. 


Adkwik’s Range of Adhesive Cleaners.
We have the best Adhesive cleaners on the market, perfect for fixing any Adhesive mishaps. One product is the Timbond C101 Citrus based Adhesive cleaner, this a fast-acting biodegradable citrus based cleaner. The second product we offer is the Timbond C105 Adhesive Cleaner, this product is also fast acting and biodegradable but its low odour which means its ideal for using in small confined areas.   

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Require a Stronger Adhesive Cleaner? 
We also offer a range of solvent cleaners, which are developed for cleaning of adhesive residues from tools, substrates and application equipment. These cleaners are a lot stronger and harsher for thoes tougher adhesives.
Here’s just 5 of the reasons you should be using our Adhesive Cleaners:
1. Ideal for cleaning excess contact Adhesive, over-spray and spray equipment
2. Will clean Hotmelt residue off plastic laminates and application equipment
3. Can be used on all finished substrates and is non smearing
4. Convenient 1 ltr bottle with pump sprayer and is proven to be more economical in use
5. They are made with Natural products
Haven’t tried Adhesive Cleaners before?
Well, here's a special deal just for you. Buy one 1ltr bottle of Timbond C101 or Timbond C105 and get another totally free! To get the deal, give us a call on 01223 412373 or email (Terms and conditions apply*).
You won’t be disappointed. Here’s what just one of our customers said about our cleaner. “Love the product, does what it is meant to, works really well. Very clean product, doesn’t have any nasty chemicals in it”. 
Want to find out more about our Adhesive Cleaners? Get in touch now.

Call 01223 412373
*Buy one get one free, only available on the Timbond C101 and C105 cleaners. Deal only applies to first time buyers of C101 or C105 Timbond cleaners. This deal is only available over the phone or via email, from 14th May 2019 till 7th June 2019.