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Common Challenges with Edge-banding Adhesives

Posted by Lynne 24/01/2020 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,

There are many factors you need to be aware of when working with adhesives. Especially in the colder months, temperature can affect the performance of your adhesives- as we explained in our previous blog here


Here are some common problems to look out for when using edge-banding adhesives...


Problem 1: Edging debonding

Debonding mosly happens during winter and is often down to the board being too cold. This causes the glue to pre cure before the edging has a chance to tack.



1. Check that your adhesive is compatible with the type of edging you are applying.

2. Ensure you are running the machine at the correct temperature and line speed.


Recommended Product:

Timbond HM77 Hot Melt

  • Super high inital tack for edge-badning and edge pre-coating
  • Bonds polyester, melamine, PVC, abs and other forms edging



Problem 2: PUR Edge-banding adhesive curing in nozzles and glue lines

  1. Ensure you clean your machine regularly to avoid PUR Curing. If you are not using your machine constantly, put a cleaner cartridge through your machine after use. This will keep the glue lines maintained and will last longer. 
Recommended Product:
Kleiberit 761.0 Cleaning Agent 
Prevents clogging of feeding systems and nozzles
Used to clean melting units and hose application units, where reactive PUR hot melt adhesives are processed.
Problem 3: Edge-banding adhesive charring/burning in the Melter pot
It is likely that your adhesive contains a high amount of filler, if this is the case it often causes charring.
1. Swap out to a filler free product and you should see a difference.
2. Sometimes the heating elements are exposed or too close to the adhesive, check this and replace parts if needed
Recommended Filler Free Product:
Kleiberit 773.3 Edge-banding Adhesive 
High green strength
Good melting properties
No stringing and very clean processing
Watch Kleiberit 773.3 Edge banding Adhesive in use here.
Above are only three common challenges with edge-banding adhesives. If you need any further advice, please get in touch with our experts today on 01223 412373 or email 
Image credit to James Burleigh.