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Adhesives for Manufacturing Timber Windows

Posted by Lynne 24/06/2020 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,Solutions for Technical Challenges,

What adhesives can be used for manufacturing timber windows?


With a wide range of timbers from softwoods, modified timbers such as Accoya and hardwoods from Oaks to Utile used in the manufacturing timber windows the choice of the right adhesive can become a challenge. So whether it’s a simple sash window for a conservation project or a high performance window, the adhesive plays a very small part in the assembly of either frames or sashes.  However, it performs a very important task out of sight but is a key component when using Traditional Mortice and Tenon joints or finger joint methods, and it is important to use an adhesive that conforms to a given standard, such as BS EN 204 D3 (Water-resistant) or D4 (Waterproof). 


Strength and Performance

It's important to remember that strength and performance are related to well fitted joints that fit comfortably. Excessively tight joints cause the joint to be starved of adhesive and therefore increases the risk of potential joint failure likewise with a poor fitting joint. Most hardwoods are more durable than softwoods but with some good pressure treatments being available for softwoods, it is important that after assembly, before treatment a sufficient period of time should be allowed for the adhesive to become completely cured, to withstand the effect of the timber treatment process. 


Adhesive Products for Window Manufacturing

For softwood and hardwood frame and sash construction adhesives such as high quality PVA’s for example Timbond Professional D3 and D4 wood glue offer a completely eco-friendly solution along with Titebond III and for high performance bonding use our Timbond Professional PU adhesive which is available in both bottles and cartridges for easy application. Modified timbers such as Accoya, Tytex Polyurethane adhesive offers reasonably low foaming capabilities and the cartridge version is extremely easy to use.


Adhesives perfect for Softwood and hardwood frame and sash construction...


1. Timbond Professional D3 Water Resistant PVA


Water resistant to EN204 D3 & BS4071
Bonds wood and veneers
Cross linked
Fast setting
2. Timbond Professional D4 Waterproof PVA
Waterproof to EN204 D4
Premium Wood Adhesive
Fast Setting
3. Titebond III Ultimate
Quality waterproof adhesive
For internal and external applications in extreme conditions
Very strong tack, high bond strength and long open time


Adhesives for high performance bonding...

Timbond PU Adhesive

1. Bottle- 1.1kg 
Available in 5 Min Rapid or 30 Min Standard
Complies to EN204 D4
Exceptionally strong bonds on virtually all materials
Bonds a wide variety of timbers, panels and construction materials
2. Cartridge 310ml 
Available in 5 Min Rapid or 30 Min Standard 
Good gap filling gel PU Adhesive
Thixotropic and transparent
For internal and external use
Easy application
When a low foaming adhesive is required use..
Tytex PU Adhesive
1. Tytex 30 Min Standard PU Adhesive
Thixotropic gap filling gel adhesive which cures in just 30 mins
Conforms to EN204 D4 Waterproof
Extra Strength formula
310ml Cartridge (Box Quantitiy x 12)
For further advice on adhesives for window manufacturing or other Joinery applications, please contact our technical team.
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