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6 Reasons why Timber Frame Construction is growing like crazy

Posted by Lynne 05/10/2018 0 Comment(s) News,Adhesive Products,
Did you know, the market share for timber frame stands at 28% with 5% growth expected between now and 2020

Here are 6 reasons why Timber Frame Construction is growing like crazy

fewer on-site
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CO2 costs

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the atmosphere per cubic metre

Return on
Timber frame stands at 28% with 5% growth expected between now and 2020

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Its sustainable and innovative

One strong advantage is when the building is in use, it has energy-efficient credentials. Timber frame is brilliant for house builders in terms of the environmental impact of materials, construction waste reduction and airtightness. This is a good to know, especially when waste is all around us!

Carbon savings

Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material and timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material. Every timber frame home saves about 4 tonnes of CO2. Not bad aye?

It’s low risk

Timber frame is tried and tested, and there is an ever-increasing body of people and businesses in the UK who know how to use it. The National Audit Office (NAO) confirms you get more price certainty, fewer delays due to bad weather, better health and safety and a more predictable build programme. Awesome!

Its speed of construction

Timber frame requires 20 per cent fewer on-site labour days and ensures a significantly faster construction period overall. This means a faster return on investment. Wow! Big impact on the number of homes you can build!

It’s a manufacturing success story for the UK

An integral part of the British construction industry, the UK’s timber frame sector is made up of several hundred UK firms, involved in the design, manufacture and construction of timber frame buildings. Providing thousands of jobs for UK workers. Always good to support UK manufacturing!

High specification

It is easier to produce a higher-specification house with timber frame- to create thicker, better insulated walls for example or even a passive house. Timber also offers more flexibility for new-build home buyers to specify details such as room sizes and layout. Why didn’t we think of this earlier!

Do you use adhesives when pressing panels, bonding floors, and connecting walls?

You are in the right place, Adkwik has been working with many Offsite and Timber frame companies across the UK & Ireland, supporting them with reliable and quality products, delivering on time to factories or construction sites.

When you are in a rush, we can help with same day dispatch and our flexibility means we can support you all the way through each and every project. Check out our Timbond D4 PU as an example of what we supply to the industry.  

Our Timbond D4 PU, is strong, effective, totally waterproof and is ideal for most joinery applications. Timbond PU can be used on a wide variety of timbers, panels and most construction materials.

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