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6 key benefits of Timbond PU

Posted by Lynne 09/05/2019 0 Comment(s) Adhesive Products,
The Timbond PU Adhesive is one of our most versatile products on our range.
Here's 6 key benefits of using Timbond PU.
1. 100% Waterproof D4 rated. Good news, this means you can use it for all external and internal joinery without any worries. 
2. Can be used across all industries. The Timbond PU can be used in Joinery, Timber Frame, Flooring Cassettes, Furniture, Floor Boards, Scenery Build and Industrial Panel Bonding. 
3. As it cures the adhesive foams.  This means it fills the small gaps and crevices, binding the timber together. 
4. Timbond PU base is super versatile for all timbers. The Timbond PU can be used on all timbers, including oily timbers simply because the PU cuts through the oils to create an unbreakable joint. Wow isn't that amazing!
5. Options on cure time. We offer the Timbond PU adhesive in both 30 min and 5 min cure times giving you the choice to select the best product whatever size your construction! 
6. Bond to non-porous substrate. Timbond PU’s versatility means timber can be bonded to various substrates including metal, stone and many others. Get in touch first to ensure the product is the right match. Call us on 01223 412373 or email and we will be more than happy to help!
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