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Adhesives For Portable Buildings

Adhesives For Portable Buildings

Posted By: John Published: 07/09/2016

Use of Adhesives in Portable Building Construction

The construction industry is responsible for one of the highest impacts on the environment. It’s a main contributor of waste and overuse of materials and resources. For this reason, modular and portable buildings are becoming a more sustainable alternative to permanent structures, using modern construction methods to cut down on costs without compromising the quality and integrity of the structure. One of these methods is the use of adhesives instead of traditional bolts, rivets and screws. Here’s a look at the benefits of using adhesives in the construction of portable buildings. 

Modular Construction

Modular buildings are manufactured offsite in a factory setting in a strict, quality-controlled environment. Components and materials can be safely stored without the risk of moisture penetration and deterioration. 

The manufacture of modular buildings allows maximum use of recycled materials and once built, these portable buildings can be reused and relocated over and over again. 

Even though they are portable, modular buildings are often as strong as traditional buildings and constructed to a very high standard. 

They have excellent thermal insulation properties and use of double panelled walls ensures greater energy efficiency. 


Structural adhesives for portable buildings is a great alternative to traditional attaching methods. Cost-effective, strong and non-invasive, adhesives have a range of benefits that provide a superior solution for modern construction techniques:

  1. They can be used to bond different materials together, such as glass and metal or wood and plastic.
  2. Less space is needed than with traditional fasteners, allowing more flexibility in the design.
  3. Better quality control means that assemblers can see exactly how much adhesive needs to be applied to ensure a perfect bond. 
  4. When mechanical attachments are used, the stress is concentrated in those areas. Adhesives ensure a better distribution of stress on the joints. 
  5. Joints bonded with adhesives are sealed better and are less inclined to squeak, rattle and vibrate.
  6. Unlike, rivets and bolts, adhesives create a smoother surface, cleaner lines and a more attractive overall finish. The surface can be prepared more quickly and easily painted. 
  7. Adhesives are applied in a factory setting so that portable buildings can be manufactured in one place, avoiding on-site disruption.
  8. The manufacturing process is far quicker than traditional methods, dramatically reducing overall production costs.  

For further enquiries on our range of offsite adhesives for portable buildings, contact Adkwik today, or visit us online for more information.


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