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Timbond Portable Spray Adhesive is a high performance sprayable contact adhesive which is cost effcient and time saving. Timbond Portable Spray Adhesi... Read More

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Timbond Portable Spray Adhesive is a high performance sprayable contact adhesive which is cost effcient and time saving. Timbond Portable Spray Adhesive has excellent coverage with a long open time, good heat resistance and is  non-flammable. Suitable for bonding plastic laminates to MDF, chipboard, plywood etc.

Timbond Portable Spray Adhesive has tacky pressure sensitive properties which make it ideal for foam, fabrics, carpets etc.

Availble in 17kg


Timbond Portable Spray Adhesive is suitable for timber, hard plastics, foam and carpets application. It is particularly good on fibrous materials thanks to its tacky pressure-sensitive properties. Apply the adhesive on both surfaces for permanent bonding. 


This product is for bonding two surfaces together. The surfaces need to be clean, dry and free from any dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease and other substances that may interfere with the adhesive. Make sure the area is adequately ventilated. The temperature of the adhesive and the surfaces should ideally be between 16°C and 27°C (60°F and 80°F) to optimise results. 


Shake the canister before using it. Connect a spray gun with the required tip to the hose and secure it tightly (ask your supplier for suitable tools and accessories for this canister). Connect the gun to the hose and secure it tightly. Attach the other end of the hose to the canister. Make sure the hose-valve connections are tight. Open the canister valve slowly and completely. Check for leaks closed to the hose junctions. Unlock and pull the trigger of the spray gun to start spraying and applying the adhesive. As this product may degrade some substrates, ALWAYS test its compatibility by spraying a small patch on the substrates to bond prior to use in production. 

Spray from 10-20cm (4”-8”) at an angle of 90° all along the surface until achieving a uniform, even coat of adhesive onto the 80-100% of the surface. You may want to apply a second coat in the most critical areas like edges and corners. Spray on both surfaces, one surface vertically and the other surface horizontally. Allow the adhesive to tack off. When no adhesive transfers to the knuckle if touched, adhere the surfaces. Press them together with an adequate and uniform pressure (depending on the application, we may recommend to use a roller). Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure. If the spray tip clogs, unscrew the spray tip from the gun and clean with solvent such as lacquer thinner or acetone. Do not use a pin on the spray tip orifice


Turn valve on canister into the off position, spray out remaining adhesive left in the hose, disconnect the spray hose and gun from the canister. Reconnect the spray hose to a canister of cleaning solvent (sold separately) and spray out until liquid is clear which indicates that the hose and gun is clean. If you choose to leave the hose and spray gun on the canister, leave the valve on the canister open. Do not disconnect the hose/gun from the canister. Close and lock the spray gun.


For removing excess glue use Timbond C101.


SHELF LIFE 18 months from date of manufacture

Do Not store at temperatures over 50°C

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Do Not store directly on concrete floor


  • Use only in well ventilated areas.
  • Do Not thin or reactivate with solvents
  • Do Not incinerate
  • Do Not expose to extreme heat over 50°C
  • Keep away from sources of ignition
  • Release pressure before disconnecting hose
  • Test for suitability before use


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